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About Us


Hi, Thanks for listening to our station. Although it carries my name, it was put together with love from good people helping each other out! Angelo Lamar Radio is a brand name of a radio group designed to give you that “OoooWeee” feeling through good music. I am committed to bringing you the best R&B and oldies ever made, plus some brand new stuff from up and coming stars! In my life, I’ve had some good, bad, very bad and OMG did that really happen times… but one thing that always helped me out was hearing a great song! Music is medicine and ALR is the 24/7 Pharmacy! Hope you like what you hear and by the way “tell a friend”

Jason Moritz - Digital Media Advisor

Jason loves music, his dog, and long walks on the beach at sunset. His love of R&B developed because growing up, his mother only played one radio station. His favorite R&B artists include The Temptations, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Ne-Yo

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